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Steps and methods for measuring internet speed Speed ​​Test

In the coming lines, we review how to measure the speed of the Internet, which can measure the speed of the Internet. Speed ​​Test can accurately read the state of your network connection from your smartphone or computer by testing the Ping command to find out the download speed, the upload speed, or the time the download was sent, and all this information.

Important steps before measuring internet speed

Measure the speed of the Internet Speed ​​Test, make sure that there are no other devices that can use Internet services to measure the speed of the Internet.
Close all open programs or applications on the device on which you want to check internet speed.
If you are connecting to the network wirelessly via a wireless network (WiFi), you must be in the closest location to the Internet source (router) or wireless transmitter.
through the cable for more accurate results.
Restart the router to make sure there are no more problems with the internet connection.

How to measure internet speed with a speed test

First, to start the test, click the Start button in the middle of the page.
Second, wait for the detailed internet speed test results: PING, DOWNLOAD, and UPLOAD.
Thirdly, you can re-take the test by clicking on the “again” button.
And you can select another server in any country or city in the world by entering the name of the country/region in the search box.
Fourth, you can share the results of the internet speed test with your friends by copying the test link or clicking on the Facebook or Twitter tab to post it on social networks.

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