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Steps to share Google Calendar with another user

Google users use the Google Calendar application, that is, the calendar, in order to organize and manage time and schedule work, in addition to receiving notifications about upcoming activities. iOS.

Thanks to the Google calendar, users can easily create and modify the most prominent upcoming events in accordance with the nature of the events, and during the following lines we offer you keys that you can follow to share the calendar with specific people or individuals within the work organization or any other contact.

Google calendar sharing mechanism

As mentioned on gadgetsnow, you can easily share the calendar with your users by doing the following:

Open Google Calendar on your computer.

Find the My calendars icon, then click the expand option arrow.

Hover over the calendar you want to share with people, then tap More.

Find Settings and Sharing.

Select the “Share with specific people” option, then tap Add people.

Add the email of the individuals or group you want to share the calendar with.

Control drop-down menu to adjust permission settings for the selected individuals.

Click Submit.

NBThe recipient will have to click on the emailed link button to add the calendar to their list. If you share that you don’t own, you need to go back to the original owner to give you permission to make changes and control over sharing. To do this, follow the following:

Repeat the first step, open Google Calendar on your device.

Find the My calendars icon.

Hover your mouse over the calendar that you want to take permission to share and then go to Settings.

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In the Access permissions field, select the target audience.

Next to the previous field, select the number of contacts and changes you want to make in the calendar.

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