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Stop Believing It Right Now… Cleaning Myths That Will Shock You

Follow up – Lujain Ismail:

Many women believe that the habits and tips followed by mothers and grandmothers can make the impossible in everything related to the kitchen. But there are a bunch of myths, and we advise you to stop believing them immediately.

1- Bleach is the best

In fact, bleach does not bleach! It disinfects and kills germs, and whitens spots. However, it does not clean dirt from surfaces.

2- The newspaper for the shiny glass:

The newspaper in the past was made of paper and good ink. That already leaves mirrors and glass perfect. Unfortunately, today’s newspapers are made of completely different materials. And if you use it, it will leave streaks on the glass.

3- Dust feather:

In fact, she is spreading dust around her. Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner with the nozzle attachment. Or use a soft damp cloth to get rid of dust.

4- Fragrant smell equals cleanliness:

While these air fresheners have a distinct aroma. They have absolutely nothing when it comes to removing dirt, stains and germs.

5- Weekly wood polish:

Using too much polish and/or wax will damage the furniture. Over time, the wood will become whiter. If you notice any dust on the furniture. It is enough to use plain water on a piece of cloth.

6- Vinegar cleans everything.

Whereas, vinegar works great on walls. Bathrooms, dishes and as a fabric softener, it should never be used to clean wood, marble, stone or wax floors as it will damage them.