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مصر للطيران أعلنت قرار تعليق السفر

Stopping Egyptians from going to Saudi Arabia on “on arrival” visas .. A decision during the Hajj journey

EgyptAir has announced that it will temporarily suspend Egyptian flights to Saudi Arabia under the “Visa on Arrival” system until the end of the Hajj season.

Explained The company, in a tweet on its official account on Twitter, said the decision was based on instructions from the Saudi Public Aviation Authority on new procedures for issuing “tourist visas” to visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Arabia

Last March, Saudi Arabia announced the reopening of the Visa on Arrival program, which allows valid visa holders from the United States, the United Kingdom and the Schengen area to enter the kingdom on a tourist visa.

Under the scheme, holders of one of the three visas can obtain a 12-month tourist visa upon arrival in the country without the need to submit a prior application.

According to the terms of the plan, visitors holding a valid visa to the United States, the United Kingdom or the Schengen area must use it at least once to enter the visa-issuing territory before entering the country.


According to EgyptAir, on Saturday, a country (Schengen – USA visa – UK visa) will be suspended for allowing Egyptians with valid travel or business visas to travel, and those arriving in Saudi Arabia will now have the Hajj season this year until the expiration date.

EgyptAir said: “This decision will resume after the tenth day of al-Hijjah.

The company added: “Once the Hajj season is over, travelers can obtain a visitor’s visa for tourist purposes in one of the Saudi ports if the previous conditions are met.”

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Return of Pilgrims

In July, the Kingdom announced that it would allow one million pilgrims (residents and foreigners living in Saudi Arabia) to perform the Hajj.

Next Friday, June 24, the first trips of Egyptian pilgrims to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will begin the Hajj 2022.

The 3 government agencies that organize Hajj trips to Saudi Arabia in Egypt have announced the travel dates of Egyptian pilgrims to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, i.e. the Ministries of Home Affairs, Tourism and Social Solidarity, in collaboration with government agencies in the country and with the aim of ensuring the health and safety of Egyptian pilgrims, outsourcing, And the Ministry of Health.