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Storm and shooting.. Militias are fighting over a security directorate in Libya

Storm and shooting.. Militias are fighting over a security directorate in Libya

parties to the conflict

  • A group affiliated with Abdel-Khaleq al-Dayikh, and another of the al-Ghasry militia, attacked the directorate during the presence of the designated security director. Khaled Al Arabinewly appointed by the Ministry of the Interior in the outgoing government, which resulted in the injury of one of the elements of the Directorate, according to “Sky News Arabia” sources.“.
  • The dispute occurred between Militia In the city, following the ministry’s decision to dismiss the former director of security, Khaled Malatam, and appoint Al-Arabi in his place, who enjoys the support of the “Gheryan Brigade” militia led by Nasser Ashtiba, according to the sources..
  • On the fifth of this September, unknown persons closed the directorate’s headquarters, by placing “earth mounds” on the gate, writing on it “Closed by the Municipal Council, dignitaries, civil society institutions, and the city’s military force.”“.
  • A number of people, who said that they represented the components of the city, went out in a video clip in which they attacked the outgoing government’s interior, and vowed a “general strike” if the decision to change the security director was not reversed..

terrorizing civilians

These events caused a state of panic and panic among civilians in the city, as activists posted on social media posts about the matter, in addition to reports indicating the possibility of escalation between the conflicting parties, raising fears that their fate would be similar to what is happening in the capital, Tripoli, and its scope..

Tripoli also witnessed a strange incident, when gunmen fired in the air among a crowd of people who gathered at a carpet store, which offered big discounts, as the party responsible for the launch was not known, according to the sources, but the incident reflects the state of chaos in the Libyan West..

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The core crisis

  • Militias are the “core problem” standing in the way of recovery efforts Libyan stateAs confirmed by the Libyan political analyst, Izz El-Din Aqeel, who points out that “there is no alternative to disarming and dismantling it.”
  • He continues: “Libya will not reach stability and will not be able to establish a unified and strong military institution in the country, except by the state’s monopoly on the use of force.”
  • “Armed groups impose their control over public institutions in the western region and are in conflict over them, as well as set their own criteria for assuming positions in them, thus restricting the access of real Libyan competencies to public administration positions,” according to Aqil.
  • He further explains that the militias “control the foreign exchange and currency trade, impose technical bankruptcy on banks, and destroy the network of national markets.”.

Militia domination

And the Libyan political researcher, Muhammad Qashout, confirms, “This scene is what he is experiencing West Libyan For 11 years, police and military institutions were subject to and dominated by militias..

And “the militia’s predominance over the past years goes back to the successive governments that took over the capital TripoliAnd it provided funding and support to these armed groups, in order to ensure their loyalty and protection,” according to Qishot.

That day resulted in “comprehensive chaos in the western region, and hundreds of parties that differ and struggle, whether for influence or for power.”