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Storms will ruin the British holiday ... and chaos on the roads

Storms will ruin the British holiday … and chaos on the roads

Winds will reach 80 mph across northern Britain and Scotland later this week, and temperatures across the country will average above 7 degrees Celsius with freezing temperatures.

He also pointed out that there is a possibility of blizzards in Scotland, where several areas are expected to experience huge blizzards and winds of up to 80 mph, which could cause dramatic damage in the UK this weekend. November, marked as moderate.

The Center for Meteorology issued a yellow alert on Friday and Saturday that there would be travel chaos across the country and power outages on Saturday.

Winter rains and snowy mountains

With storms of up to 80 mph in Scotland and the Northeast and 80 mph in the Northeast, winter rains and mountainous snow are expected to hit the UK as far south as Wales and East Anglia later this week.

Warns that strong winds could cause chaos later in the week, including delayed flights on roads, trains and boats, bridges and road closures, the potential for damage caused by power outages and issues related to mobile phone coverage.

He added: “Hurricanes can reach speeds of 50 to 60 mph on a wide scale, with speeds of up to 70 or 80 mph in coastal areas, especially in Scotland and parts of the Northeast of England.”

Less likely to cause some damage

Further warnings on the weather forecaster website said: There is little chance of some damage to buildings, such as the removal of tiles from roofs, and some small chances of roads and bridges being closed.

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For his part, a Meteorological Office spokesman said: “A blizzard can be seen in the highlands because the snow will start late in the day and it will rain like snow until Thursday and Friday tomorrow. It will snow.”

“As the temperature drops throughout Friday night we have a chance to see snow falling on the high ground in Wales and rushing across East Anglia.”

The spokesman added: ‘It will rain like snow in the mountains of Scotland and wind will blow in the north and west of Scotland.