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Strange twisted structures found on Mars

Strange twisted structures found on Mars

The Curiosity probe has detected a strange rock formation on the surface MarsIt resembles a magician’s wand with its twisting height from the surface.

And watch NASA’s Curiosity probe, which is traveling across red planet Nearly a decade ago, the strange structures, which experts say they know are, are far less magical than we might think.

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Twisting spiers of rock rise from the sand and shallow boulders of Jill’s crater, and these sediments look like frozen streams of water flowing from an invisible jug in the sky.

According to experts from the SETI Institute (a non-profit research organization focused on the search for life in the universe), these twisted formations are simply pieces of rock. In fact, these columns may have formed from cement-like materials that filled ancient bedrock cracks in sedimentary rocks, and as the rocks eroded Gradually soft, streams of cohesive material remained.

The experts added: “The rest of the rocks were made of a softer material and eroded” However, this does not mean that it is not important.

Sedimentary rocks often have fossils between their layers, meaning the structures observed may be hiding secrets about past life on Mars.

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These strange rock formations were captured by a camera aboard Curiosity on May 17, but NASA and experts at the SETI Institute only shared the image last week, on May 26.

The image shows two formations that look like twisted logs and appear to be very delicate, at the moment the exact size of these formations is unknown.

According to the latest mission update, released on May 31 by NASA, Curiosity is currently in Gill Crater, and the mission’s stated goal is to search for traces of life and facilitate studies on the geological history of the Red Planet.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that strange shapes have been observed on the Red Planet, as last month, for example, space observers discovered a structure that resembles a secret entrance between the Martian rocks.