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Stranger things are back?  Netflix brings fresh fourth grade teaser

Stranger things are back? Netflix brings fresh fourth grade teaser

Third row Weird things It was still accepted as a great retro horror scene, but reviews about its excessive similarity to its predecessors also came out louder. However, the recently released teaser of the fourth series of one of Netflix’s hottest songs does not look like anything familiar at first glance. Only in the end will we discover that we have visited the main characters’ dark past.

Weird things So the new season is basically pulling in the same way as the first teaser in over a year. Even the last shots, where one of the series’ protagonists appeared, could easily be a new title, and even a completely different genre. Creator Weird thingsThe Duffer Brothers have reacted quite clearly to the danger of stagnation or depletion of the concept.

So the first teaser confirmed the claim that we are “not in Hawkins,” the city of the series’ main characters, and was reported from Russia. However, in the new environment, we return to a more familiar environment, but only thanks to its connection with the personal history of one of the characters. I played in the first three grades Weird things An important role, but we nonetheless learned the absolute minimum of details about it. Judging by the second joke, the new parts can finally change that.

The scariest series ever

We still only have vague information about the plot of the fourth science fiction series with the setting of the 1980s, but gradually at least a basic idea begins to form. First of all, the series’ actors stated that the new installment would be the scariest ever. In it, we look to one side in the harsh environment of a distant Earth, the other side in the past, where we will likely meet again Dr. Brenner from the laboratory from which Eleven escaped.

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Brenner was the only parenting character of a young girl for a long time when her mother Terry Ives was unable to take care of her after severe ECT. Moreover, her hitherto unknown father appears to have rejected her and obligated her completely to the experiences of an immoral scientist. Recreation of Eleven’s family environment in third grade Weird things It can motivate her to explore her past more.

As the audience Weird things With each new series, it increases significantly, as does the expectation and hunger for new information. Unfortunately, the shooting has been severely disrupted by the pandemic. One of the children’s representatives, Gaten Matarazzo, in an interview with the magazine Collider A few weeks ago He saidAnti-epidemic measures are still severely limiting production, and perhaps no one knows when it will be completed and everything will move to post-production.

“Right now, everything works in a very unreliable fashion, so it’s a matter of estimating when we’re going to shoot, when it’s done, or when it’s first shown.” Mentioned in April Matarazzo, Dustin’s representative. However, the difficult situation around the pandemic also has its advantages – prior to filming, the scripts for the entire series are ready, so there is less stress around the creation. “The Duffer Brothers can totally focus on steering and see what happens.” Matarazzo said.

Netflix took a big break between the second and third grades, so that there was more time to bring everything into the more elaborate form. If the same cycle must be applied this time as well, the fourth series Weird things It has already come out. However, due to the current situation, Netflix has yet to reveal the date of the premiere.

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In a recent interview with fans, even Actor Mike Finn Wolfard MentionedThe release of the fourth series of one of the most anticipated series today probably won’t happen until next year. Although it is going on now, securing all sites and post-production while maintaining hygiene procedures takes a lot of time and effort.

In any case, regarding the longest break between the series, the question that arises is whether or not the creators will clearly explain the age and how of their more advanced heroes. If we add jumps in time and space in your published teasers, you will find them new Weird things It could go in a completely different direction from previous seasons.