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Strict lockdown due to 30 people injured.  In Australia, they reject the "European" path

Strict lockdown due to 30 people injured. In Australia, they reject the “European” path

A tight lockdown is imposed by the Australian state of Victoria. During the weekly lockdown, seven million people will be allowed to leave the house just to meet basic needs. Restaurants and schools have been closed, and healthy walking is only permitted for two hours within a five-kilometer radius of the residence. All this comes in the state after laboratories discovered 26 new cases of the most contagious covidu-19 strain.

Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state, has imposed a lockdown. The laboratories have detected 26 cases of the most contagious Covid-19 strain. | Video: Reuters

Strict quarantine procedures apply in Victoria from midnight Thursday until June 3. In this state, whose capital is Melbourne, schools have closed, and restaurants can only serve food to eat away. Public gatherings are prohibited and people are not allowed to leave the house except to shop, travel to work, see a doctor, care for loved ones, vaccinations, or take a medical walk.

Prime Minister Victoria James Merlino said: “We have more evidence that we are facing a highly contagious strain of the virus, and it is a worrisome type that is spreading faster than we have seen before.” According to Reuters, it has been revealed that 15,000 people have been exposed to direct and indirect contacts. These people now have to go into quarantine and get tested.

A new outbreak in Melbourne earlier this week now has 26 people infected. And local authorities recorded 12 new cases on Friday evening. According to the authorities, the cause of the current outbreak in Victoria is a man who was infected with a type of Coronavirus that was first discovered in India. Before returning to Melbourne from abroad, the man underwent quarantine and underwent a negative test, but after six days he tested positive.

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“I know this lockdown has already had and will continue to have a major impact on human lives. But everything is being done for the good of our country to get out of this situation, as well as for our health professionals to overcome this wave,” Merlino said of the lockdown.

The prime minister partly blamed the lockdown on the federal government, which he accused of slowing COVID-19 vaccination. “If we had vaccines and the vaccination program in the country worked effectively, we would not have had to take these measures today,” the Guardian quoted Merlin as saying.

In Australia, which has a population of 25 million, they have so far administered 3.9 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. However, only about 2% of the Australian population has completed the vaccinations. Australia has managed to tackle the disease through rapid closures, border controls and contact tracing.

Thanks to this, the country avoided catastrophic pandemic scenarios, known mainly from the US or Europe.

Since the start of the epidemic, just over 30,000 people have been confirmed in a country of 25 million and 910 people have died, about 90 percent of them in Victoria.