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Strike chaos hits Britain.. details of international report revealed

Sunday’s South Chennai Morning Post highlighted the growing wave of labor strikes in Britain at a time when UK rights are under scrutiny.

The paper said Britain has been hit by a growing series of strikes that have affected basic services across sectors including health, transport and other sectors, with the British government eyeing laws that could impose new restrictions, leading to more. Peaceful protests and widespread strikes in the country.

Half a million people joined the strikes

Half a million people will join Britain’s biggest strike next week, the newspaper said, as the British government proposed new laws including sacking essential workers who join the strike.

Britain has been hit by waves of strikes in recent months, leading to the closure or significant reduction of public services, the newspaper pointed out.

With the next nationwide strike over wages planned for next Wednesday, workers, nurses and others have turned to food banks as millions in the UK bear the brunt of a cost-of-living crisis and inflation.

There has been a significant decline in basic civil liberties in the UK, and rights groups say the Conservative government in the UK has curtailed human rights on issues ranging from peaceful protest to adequate living standards.

Attitudes on both sides hardened, with unions saying the government was unwilling to discuss wage hikes and pointing out that a wage hike would fuel inflation.

Teachers, faculty and university staff

British media reported that the workers, including teachers, university staff, train drivers, border guards and other civil servants, plan to strike on February 1.

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The recent strike chaos has drawn some comparisons with the “winter of discontent” in late 1978 and early 1979, when a wave of strikes brought Britain to a virtual standstill.