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Strong mother Kristina Lychtova.  He refuses to buy girls' toys that are made by slaves.

Strong mother Kristina Lychtova. He refuses to buy girls’ toys that are made by slaves.

With the holidays approaching, the stores are filled with all kinds of trinkets and shiny things. Children’s eyes immediately light up and they wander curiously around the shop windows. After that, parents are faced with a difficult task to resist. an actress Kristina Lychtova However, he has a clear opinion on pre-Christmas shopping.

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“I hate the massive consumerism in our society. I hate attracting kids in stores that are put so low they can see it and fire ‘I want it.’ And I’m not at all surprised! It’s new, it’s shiny, they don’t have it at home and they really need it.” They are children” The actress wrote on Instagram explaining why she was always upset after visiting the store. “I am not correcting subsequent outbursts of emotions in any way. As a punishment. And no, I will not buy a piece of junk that a slave made somewhere in a forgotten land and traveled to us in a completely non-environmental way, perhaps just because it was cheap… I can paint the world pink to my children, but I would rather explain to them what the journey of this brilliant miracle, which we so need at home, has been like, in fact, and how much we will pay for it really, ” She writes that she shows her children sad snapshots of how litter the oceans are and that the animals suffer because of it. Sitcom star counting She added that she only buys used clothes and small gifts.

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