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Students navigating space sciences and the future at “Sharjah Book”

Yesterday, the Sharjah International Book Fair witnessed a great turnout from public and private school students, and their choices for books varied, without paying attention to the importance of the books they buy to support the curricula assigned to them in schools.

Students told “Emirates Today”, that the Sharjah Book Fair is an opportunity to learn about different writings on school curricula, which include stories, scientific and literary books, and publications in space sciences and the future, adding: “In the exhibition, we reviewed many books that suit different ages, And at good prices.”

Hamdan Matar and his colleague Dhaen Salem, two students from Al Bataeh School in Sharjah, confirmed their keenness to read and acquire books, and then the Sharjah International Book Fair was an opportunity for them to learn about a huge amount of literary and scientific production, and to buy some books with their daily expenses.

Hamdan stated that he bought a novel called “The Forgotten Caves,” noting that the book includes a novel from science fiction, which he tends to read about, because it provides scientific information in an interesting literary form.

Dhaen pointed out that he bought a story called “a horror story”, adding that his parents are keen to provide books for him and his brothers at home, but he wanted to visit the exhibition, to see different collections of books, which cannot be available in one library, so that he can choose What suits him.

Students Sheikha Muhammad, Moza Abdullah and Dana Muhammad, from Ruqayya School for Secondary Education for Girls in Sharjah, said that they see the exhibition as an opportunity to learn about different collections of literary and scientific books, and those related to specific arts, such as cooking, drawing, photography, and others.

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They indicated that they came to the fair to buy different books, away from school curricula, including books on space sciences and the future, especially since the book fair is an opportunity to learn about different books that are difficult to find in one place.

They stated that they had bought a set of literary books, which dealt with human and family relations.

For her part, a specialist in the Learning Resource Center at Ruqayyah School, Iman Gilan, said that the book, which is not in curricula, is a foundational tributary of the educational process in schools. She faces it in life, adding, “We urge students to read continuously, because it activates their thinking, and makes them more interested in studying.”

The social studies teacher at the same school, Ibtisam Ali, stressed the importance of book fairs in introducing the student to new worlds and different experiences, pointing out that reading clarifies the student’s tendencies and tendencies, and then it is possible to form an appropriate idea about his personality, in addition to that reading helps the student to plan properly. for his future life.

She pointed out that the Sharjah International Book Fair is a cultural wedding, as it embraces many publishing houses from different countries, and receives many visitors of different ages and interests.

On the other hand, the Sharjah Book Authority has developed a set of logistical services, which ensures that the audience of the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair is informed of the exhibition’s agenda and events, exhibitors’ pavilions and service facilities, and organizes school students’ visits to the exhibition pavilions. In Sharjah, a service for purchasing books from publishing houses participating in the Sharjah International Book Fair, by providing digital devices distributed at the entrances to the halls, allowing visitors to pay by bank cards, in addition to the possibility of traditional purchase with cash directly from publishing houses.

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