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Studio Bertone announces its return, showing off a new supercar

Studio Bertone announces its return, showing off a new supercar

The new model appears to have a mid-engine silhouette, emphasizing the angles the company is known for.

For example, the triangular side vents evoke the 1970 Lancia Stratos Zero concept, while the low front end recalls the wedge-shaped profile of the original Lamborghini Countach.

However, the design of the front and rear seems to herald a fresh approach with an emphasis on LED lighting and contrasting body panels. The presence of the exhausts at the rear indicates that the model will use an internal combustion engine.

The new supercar is Bertone’s first original since the Nuccio model, introduced in 2012. It also marks the return of the design house, which went bankrupt in 2014. The brand has been bought by brothers Mauro and Jean-Franc Ricci – who run the technology consulting firm Akka – in 2016.

Two years later, Akka unveiled the Smart Bertone, an overhaul of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. Its output is increased from 79hp to 276hp thanks to the auxiliary engine and kinetic energy recovery system inspired by Formula 1.

Akka’s portfolio covers the entire vehicle development process, from production concepts to electrical systems and beyond, with autonomous driving technology in the pipeline. The company has previously worked with brands such as Aston Martin, Ford, Volkswagen and others.

Show the reborn Lamborghini Countach on the road for the first time, along with legends


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