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Study: Brits have second-worst life expectancy among G7 economies

Academics from the University of Oxford and London College of Medicine found that the British have the second-worst life expectancy among the seven largest economies and 36th among the world’s developed economies.

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According to the British newspaper “Express”, experts from the university have studied the age of people in Britain in official records for decades.

Researchers have found that life expectancy growth in the UK has been slower than in other developed countries.

The United States ranked lowest of the seven countries, revealing a stunning drop in British record levels, as Britons were once among the world’s longest-lived people.

The researchers examined global average rates from 1952 to 2021, focusing specifically on the world’s seven most industrialized countries.

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States account for more than half of the world’s net wealth in 2020.

But despite their exceptional wealth, only one country – Japan – is in the top ten countries with the fastest growing life expectancy.

The results, published in the Journal of the British Royal Society of Medicine, show that the rate has risen from 68.63 in 1950 to 80.43 per year.

Despite the general progress; The UK is now 36th in the UN’s ranking of 200 countries, down 26 places from 10th in 1950.

Several other G7 countries rank highly, with Italy at 16th on the UN list, France at 20th, Canada at 22nd and Germany at 29th.

Researchers attributed the UK’s exceptional failure to a failure of economic policy.

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