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Study |  One-third of Britons refuse to attend weddings because of the high cost of living

Study | One-third of Britons refuse to attend weddings because of the high cost of living

A new poll conducted in the United Kingdom represents one-thirdTo the English They declined the invitation to attend the wedding due to the cost of living crisis.

A study conducted by Experian, a company that specializes in preparing credit reports on consumers and their financial behavior, shows that this year’s weddings of friends and family are following ways to save money, such as staying up all night. Use public transportation and wear uniform. In many cases, according to The Independent.

The study included a sample of 1,000 adults United Kingdom, 24% said they would not accept all invitations to attend weddings and 31% said they would apologize for not accepting at least one invitation to the wedding or pre-wedding party.

Based on research findings, the average cost of attending a wedding in the UK is about $ 697, including $ 143.
To save on accommodation costs, some say they do not sleep through the night after attending the ceremony, while others say they do not accept the invitation to the wedding if they have to stay at the hotel.

Many individuals confirmed that they were sympathetic to the newlyweds based on the costs they incurred, with approximately 57% of respondents agreeing that guests were more likely to accept the idea of ​​paying for their food and drinks. The weddings they attend.
And 52% agreed that the tradition of the community was that it was unreasonable to put pressure on spouses to provide free drinks during their wedding.

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