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Stylantis unveils two new electric cars

Stylantis unveils two new electric cars

Auto giant Stellantis is close to achieving its goals over the next few years. At the same time as electrification was being accelerated, he said, he wanted to nearly double his net revenue, to 300 billion euros (7.64 trillion kroner) annually. It aims to achieve this by cutting costs and generating new revenue through new services.

The strategic plan is called Dare Forward 2030 and includes 100% pure electric cars in Europe and 50% in America that year. Until then, it wants to sell a total of 5 million electric cars annually.

Part of that effort is the introduction of the first electric Jeep, which is slated to be a small crossover. It is said to be produced in Tychy, Poland, but the automaker has yet to confirm this. However, it revealed a small car concept with yellow paint. Notable is the blue letter “e” on the bow and also the traditional seven-field mask, but it is blind.

Upcoming electric crossover pocket

Photo: Stellants

The small crossover is scheduled to go on sale next year. The second electric car unveiled a year later.

This is the Ram 1500 electric truck. We can’t look at the car as a whole, the Stylants only showed two sketches, there isn’t much to see regarding the final design.

Ram 1500 electric truck revealed

Photo: Stellants

“Our pilgrimage is driven by a focus on innovation and engineering excellence that brings the latest technology to all of our vehicles – from the most expensive to the most powerful and luxurious,” said Carlos Tavares, Group CEO.

Ram 1500 . electric pickup truck revealed

Photo: Stellants

In terms of technology, the company also mentioned hydrogen propulsion systems, which are scheduled to reach the largest systems in 2024 from medium-sized supplies and a year later also to the USA. There is a plan to expand hydrogen into large trucks.

Finally, it also outlined the future of self-driving. In 2024, he wants to introduce Level 3 of autonomous driving, where the driver can release the steering wheel and take his eyes off the road. This is achieved in cooperation with BMW. He will set up the next levels later in collaboration with Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of internet giant Google, which has been dealing with self-driving for several years.