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Successful cultivation of the first green pepper in space to be eaten in “tacos”

NASA has announced that it has successfully grown the first green pepper on the International Space Station.

And “NASA” indicated in an official statement, last Friday, that the green pepper was grown for an investigation called “Plant Habitat-04”, which includes performing a microbial analysis to improve understanding of plant-microbe interactions in space, and the crew’s assessment of the flavor, texture, and nutrition of the first peppers. It grows in space.

The International Space Station’s “ISS Research” account published pictures of green peppers, describing it as “one of the most challenging plant experiments to date.”

The green pepper has been growing on the International Space Station since July, and is inspired by a Spanish improved pepper.

NASA previously reported that most peppers that grow in New Mexico’s Hatch Valley are eaten when they are green, but the improved type from Spain is one of the few that is “consumed regularly in both the green and red stages of pepper development,” she says.

And NASA had previously said that pepper cultivation is “more difficult than planting many potential space crops, because it takes longer to germinate, grow and develop.”

Some members of the space crew at the International Station released pictures of green peppers after they used them in tacos.

It is noteworthy that NASA has already planted Chinese cabbage, 3 types of lettuce, Russian red turnip and zinnia flowers in Earth orbit.

And in 2019, NASA announced that the improved Spanish pepper would be the first fruit grown on the International Space Station, in an effort to research crops that astronauts could take to Mars.


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