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نجاح التشغيل التجريبى لأول محرك هيدروجين أخضر نفاث فى العالم

Successful test run of world’s first green jet hydrogen engine

The airline announced EasyJet A European car company has announced that it has successfully tested a hydrogen jet engine, a technology the companies hope will eventually help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in aviation..

Both companies used a modified regional aircraft engine for the ground test conducted in the UK, and the European Marine Energy Center produced the fuel for the test at the Hydrogen Production and Wave Test Facility in the Orkney Islands, England. From wind and wave energy, it is called green hydrogen.

Both companies are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and want to use green hydrogen to meet climate goals. A lot of it..

Although green hydrogen is produced with renewable energy, most hydrogen today is still produced using gas. This is the tricky part of pouring hydrogen into clean fuel. It is actually only as clean as the energy source used to make it. Gas is used to produce hydrogen, a process that releases carbon dioxide emissions to warm the planet.

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