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Sudan.. Al-Burhan forms a transitional sovereignty council headed by him

Sudan.. Al-Burhan forms a transitional sovereignty council headed by him

And Sudanese TV said in urgent news, Thursday, that the proof “Constitutional Decree No. 21 was issued to form the Transitional Sovereignty Council.”

The source described Al-Burhan as “the head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council”, while Mohamed Hamdan Daglo his deputy.

Al-Burhan led the army’s actions on October 25, when it ousted its civilian partners and announced the dissolution of all transitional institutions, pledging to form a new Sovereignty Council and government.

And the “old” Transitional Sovereignty Council is the institution that holds power jointly with the civilian government, since the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

The new council includes 13 members, including 9 who were members of the previous council and 4 new members, who replaced the previous council members belonging to the forces of freedom and change.

The composition of the council was as follows:

Lieutenant-General Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan Abdul-Rahman Al-Burhan, Chairman.

Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo Moussa as Vice President.

Lieutenant-General Shams El-Din Kabashi Ibrahim, a member of the first corner.

Lieutenant-General Yasser Abdul Rahman Hassan Al-Atta member.

The team is a marine consultant engineer, Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim, a member.

Mr. Malik Aqar Air is a member.

Mr. Al-Taher Abu Bakr Hajar, member.

Mr. Hadi Idris Yahya member.

Mrs. Raja Nicolas Abdel-Masih is a member.

Mr. Youssef Gad Karim Mohamed Ali Youssef is a member.

Mr. Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Muhammad Ahmad a member.

Mr. Abdul Baqi Abdul Qadir Al Zubair Abdul Qadir member.

Mrs. Salma Abdul-Jabbar Al-Mubarak Musa, member.

The nomination of an East representative has been postponed Sudan In the Sovereign Council pending “further consultations,” according to Sudanese TV.

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And eastern Sudan witnessed widespread protests before October 25, but the protest leaders decided to suspend their movement early this month to give the authorities the opportunity to respond to their demands.