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Sudan.. An emergency session of the Security Council amid calls for escalation

Sudan.. An emergency session of the Security Council amid calls for escalation

An emergency meeting of the Security Council is held on developments in SudanAt the request of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, the United States, Estonia and France, AFP reported on Tuesday night.

The United Nations envoy to Sudan, German Volker Perthes, had said earlier, during a video conference from Khartoum, to journalists in New York, that he expected the new situation to be reviewed in SudanTuesday, at the Security Council.

He hoped that the fifteen members of the Council would once again show their unity.

The Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan announced, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Monday, about the dissolution of the Council and the government he was leading Abdullah HamdoukHe declared a state of emergency in the country, and froze the work of some provisions of the constitutional document.

Diplomats said members of Security Council They intend to ask their partners to adopt a joint declaration, provided that this declaration merely expresses the concern of the Security Council.

A diplomat told AFP that the goal was to win the support of all council members, but that Russia and China would agree it was not certain.

On Monday, Russia described what Sudan is witnessing as a “natural result of a failed policy” accompanied by “large-scale foreign intervention” and ignoring “the state of despair and misery that the vast majority of the population experienced” in Sudan.

Meanwhile, he said Alliance of Forces of Freedom and ChangeOn Tuesday night, he “calls for the adoption of various forms of peaceful revolutionary escalation, such as continuous processions, street closures, and mass civil disobedience, to thwart the army’s control of power in the country.”

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The Alliance of Forces for Freedom and Change confirmed on its Twitter account that “arrangements are being made for major escalatory events and to fill the streets with Sudanese in unprecedented crowds.”