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Sudan.. Features of a political solution with a constitutional declaration and the unification of 45 bodies

Sudan.. Features of a political solution with a constitutional declaration and the unification of 45 bodies

The most important items included Constitutional Declaration new residence civil country Follow the federal system of government In the military About political work, governance, and the integration of military forces into a single professional army.

The drafting of the constitutional declaration came based on the outcomes of a session held by the Sudanese Bar Association, last month, in which a wide range of components of Sudanese society participated in the heavy presence of heads and representatives of international and diplomatic missions.

The initial principles of the draft constitutional framework provided for the respect and management of diversity; And that the rights and duties are based on equal citizenship without discrimination.

It also provided for parliamentary authority, a review of laws in line with the transitional constitution and international agreements ratified by Sudan, and a commitment to the separation of powers and the rule of law.

The draft constitutional framework defined the tasks of the transitional period in reviewing the Juba Peace Agreement signed in October 2020, leading to a just peace that includes all non-signatory movements. It also stipulated the reform of the judicial organs and the achievement of transitional justice while ensuring that there is no impunity, the dismantling of the Brotherhood regime and the recovery of public funds looted during their thirty-year rule.

repair road

On the economic side, the initial principles stipulated taking appropriate measures to stop the economic deterioration, improve living life, fight corruption and enhance transparency.

The confrontations with the transitional constitution defined the tasks of the military institution in defending the sovereignty and protecting the country’s borders, protecting the transitional constitution, implementing the state’s military and illiteracy policies, and implementing policies related to security and military reform in accordance with a plan agreed upon by all parties. He is its supreme commander.

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Ali Qayloub, head of the steering committee of the Sudanese Bar Association, told Sky News Arabia that experts in constitutional jurisprudence participated in drafting the new constitutional declaration.

Qayloub clarified that the draft declaration will be submitted for further consultation, stressing that the Bar Association stands at the same distance from all parties seeking to achieve civil transformation.

In the meantime; 45 union, political and civil bodies signed a joint declaration issued by the “Khartoum State” resistance committees’ coordinators, which lead the current movement in the Sudanese street; It provides for the unification of visions, the end of differences, and the establishment of building the authority of the people through the escalation of the continuous movement, the commitment not to partner or negotiate with the military, and the tight coordination between the resistance committees and the political, professional and demanding forces that believe in democratic transformation.

More coordination needed

The journalist and analyst Shawki Abdel-Azim stressed the importance of my two steps in drafting the constitutional declaration and unifying the vision of the forces of the street. But he told Sky News Arabia that the two steps need more coordination and serious work in order to implement them on the ground.

Abdel Azim pointed out the importance of these developments in light of the critical conditions that the country is currently experiencing.

Sudan is witnessing a severe political and security crisis following the measures taken by the army chief, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on the twenty-fifth of October 2021, which ended the partnership that existed between the civil and military sectors after the overthrow of the Brotherhood regime in popular protests in April 2019.

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117 people were killed in the ongoing protests that erupted in the capital, Khartoum, and a number of Sudanese cities, in rejection of these measures, which Al-Burhan said were aimed at correcting the course of the Sudanese revolution, while the opposing forces considered them to abort the revolution and an attempt to restore the Brotherhood regime.

Although Al-Burhan pledged on the twenty-fifth of October to form a government and complete the state’s structures within two weeks, the country is still living in a political vacuum in light of the failure of all attempts that sought to form a new transitional government.

On the other hand, the international community suspended pledges and aid worth $8 billion, and the Paris Club suspended steps taken during the government of former Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, which would have resulted in the forgiveness of most of Sudan’s debt, estimated at $64 billion.

The countries of the European Union and the “troika” group consisting of Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States say that they will not deal with any government that is formed in Sudan without the consent of the political forces active in the street.