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Sudan..Protesters cordoned off, 5 killed after communications were cut off

Sudan..Protesters cordoned off, 5 killed after communications were cut off

Demonstrations have begun in the Sudanese capitalToday, Wednesday, security forces deployed in a number of neighborhoods in Khartoum.

Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent confirmed the interruption of all communications in the country, as well as the Internet.

While the Central Committee of Doctors announced that two were shot dead in the city of Bahri. Meanwhile, the Sudanese Professionals Association reported the killing of 5 people in Omdurman and the infliction of several injuries.

And he said in a statement on his Facebook page that there are reports that a person was killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

Surrounding protesters’ convoys

He also added that the Sudanese forces are surrounding protestors’ convoys in several areas, most notably Bahri, Al-Sitteen Street, and Umbada, where tear gas canisters are widely used.

He also referred to what he described as the “deliberate interruption” of voice and internet services.

Communication interruption

In turn, the NetBlocks network to monitor the Internet confirmed the existence of an almost complete interruption of wired communications and the terrestrial Internet. And she said, through her official account on Twitter, that this comes after a 23-day break in mobile communications.

It is noteworthy that today’s demonstrations come in response to the calls of several coordinators in the country, under the title “Nov 17 Million”. Yesterday, the coordinators of the Omdurman resistance committees indicated their support for the demonstrations, but they made it clear that they would settle for a “one-day sit-in” on Al-Arbaeen Street.

These movements and protests come as international efforts continue to urge a solution to the political crisis.

Demonstrations in Khartoum (November 13, 2021 AFP)

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international endeavors

After several interviews, she had an assistant US Secretary of State for African Affairs, Molly Faye, Since Monday in Khartoum, and its meeting with the corresponding Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdok, and the commander of the army, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, the Norwegian Embassy announced today that the Norwegian envoy to Sudan, Endre Stiansen, has arrived in the capital, in order to urge the parties to return to the transitional democratic path.

These efforts were launched after the 25th of last October (2021), the day Al-Burhan announced the dissolution of the government and the Sovereignty Council, and the suspension of some provisions of the constitutional document. Meanwhile, a campaign of arrests and detentions was carried out that included a number of civil leaders, ministers, and officials in a number of parties and coordination.