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Sudan’s developments ‘worrisome’

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United Nations (United States): A UN spokesman said on Thursday that Sudan’s developments were “extremely worrying” and that the UN ambassador to Sudan was a “window to negotiation and a peaceful solution to the crisis,” including the appointment of a new, inclusive Sovereign Council. According to a diplomatic source, it will be closed.

“We want to see the relocation resume soon,” he said.

For its part, the UN. The Security Council held a closed-door meeting in Sudan on Thursday morning, which was on its weekly agenda.

Diplomats say no joint statement was issued after the council meeting, and that the UK, which requested it, did not attempt to issue a statement due to Russia’s position.

During the meeting, Moscow continued to support Sudanese military leader Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who carried out a coup in late October, stressing the need to ensure the country’s stability. Anonymous.

British Ambassador to the United Nations Barbara Woodward told reporters after the meeting, “We are deeply concerned by reports of the military’s unilateral actions against the spirit and letter of the Constitution.”

UN Ambassador Volker Berthes told the council during the meeting that “the window to dialogue and peaceful settlement is closed.”

On Thursday, al-Burhan appointed a new Sovereign Council, from which he expelled representatives of the forces of the Declaration of Independence and Change, which demanded the transfer of power to citizens.