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Sultan Al-Muqbali reveals his new artistic work to “My Lady” .. and confirms the support of Saudi talents

The crew of the Saudi series announcedinheritanceAbout the end of filming the fourth part, through their accounts on the social media, and “Madam” met the actor Sultan Al-Muqbali, one of the series’ heroes, at the final ceremony of the creative journey around the Kingdom, to reveal the fact that the work stopped; to reduce the audience’s questions, in addition to his participation in Ramadan business other.

Fourth season of Legacy

In the beginning, Al-Muqbali revealed that he had finished filming the fourth season of the Saudi inheritance series, which is the “Soap Opera” series, indicating that the season will stop at episode No. 750, and when asked if this is the last part of the work, he added: “Until now, there is no clear decision whether It would have completed a fourth season or not, by moving its filming from Abu Dhabi studios to Riyadh studios,” explaining that the decisive decision would be issued after the blessed month of Ramadan.

Ramadan posts

In addition to the inheritance series, Al-Muqbali revealed other Ramadan participations, and she will be in the series “Manho We Weld”, which achieved great success last Ramadan, and continues with its second part during this year, and the “Studio” series, in addition to the comedy TV series.Tash Ma TashWho returns after a hiatus of more than ten years, with the support of the General Entertainment Authority, and Al-Muqbali confirmed that the next in his artistic career will be more beautiful.

Supporting Saudi talents

And coinciding with the final of the creative journey around the Kingdom, organized by MBC Academy in cooperation with General Authority for EntertainmentAl-Muqbali stressed the importance of the support that we see for young talents, indicating that this support did not exist previously as it is now provided to the current generation, and added, directing: “Whoever has talent should not miss it, now is our time, and all government agencies and institutions are based on one cooperation, which is development.” Saudi talents are in all fields, and I do not find any excuse for those who have talent and cannot show it, because everything is available and ready under the wise leadership and support that exists in Saudi Arabia.” In conclusion, he wished all the talented people success and success.

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