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Sultan Al Neyadi participates in resetting the docking site of the “Dragon” spacecraft to the International Space Station

Today, Saturday, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced the participation of Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi in the mission to reset the docking site of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. Al-Neyadi will participate in this mission, along with his colleagues in the Crew-6 crew who are on board the International Space Station as part of Expedition 69; They are Stephen Bowen (NASA), Warren Hoberg (NASA) and Andrei Fedyaev (Roscosmos).

Live coverage of the mission will start at 3 pm UAE time, and it can be followed via the following link:, where Al-Nayadi and the mission crew will work to reset the docking site of the “Dragon” spacecraft, from the port top to the forward port of the International Space Station. The time for the vehicle to separate from the station was set at 3:10 pm, and to re-dock again at 3:53 pm.

The mission, supported by Mission Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and SpaceX in Hawthorne, California, will help clear the station’s upper port, facing space; In preparation for the docking of the next Dragon cargo spacecraft, which is scheduled to be launched next June, and includes payload No. 28, which is being sent by SpaceX to the International Space Station, and includes collapsible solar arrays, or what are known as IROSAs; In preparation for installing it on the station, through a number of spacewalks.

This will be Dragon’s third docking port reset, following previous resets that took place during Crew-1 and Crew-2 missions.

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On March 2, 2023, Sultan Al Neyadi set off as part of the Crew-6 crew from Cape Canaveral; To run the longest space mission in the history of the Arabs, and he succeeded a few days ago in running the first spacewalk in the history of the Arabs, along with American astronaut Stephen Bowen, which lasted for 7 hours and one minute, as one of the primary goals of this mission was to work On a series of preparatory tasks for the installation of solar panels, which was successfully accomplished.

It is noteworthy that the UAE Astronaut Programme, which is managed by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, is one of the projects funded by the Information and Communications Technology Fund of the Communications and Digital Government Authority, and aims to support research and development in the information and communication technology sector.