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Sunak’s mother-in-law lives at 10 Downing Street

Sudha Murthy, the mother of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s wife Akshata Murthy, has said she thought border officials were joking with her about staying at 10 Downing Street during her trip to the UK.

Murthy, wife of billionaire and Infosys founder Narayan Murthy, said she wrote the historical address on a form to be filled by border officials.

On a chat show in India, a border official looked at her and asked, “Are you kidding us?” said, and “I said to them: No, I am telling the truth.” At this age of 72, no one believed. The old woman may be the British Prime Minister’s mother-in-law.

Ms Murthy made headlines when she claimed that it was her daughter who elevated Sunak to the post of Prime Minister. A philanthropist and story writer, Morty also claimed that she helped her husband become a famous businessman. “However, with great pride, my daughter made her husband the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,” he added.

Murthy revealed that her daughter “made Sunak to fast on Thursdays in honor of Hinduism”. Akshada credits her mother for teaching her “values, humility and virtue”.

While studying engineering in the Indian state of Karnataka in the late 1960s, Ms. Murthy, and was accepted on the condition that she wear an Indian dress called a sari and not speak to any other man. Student and not going to college canteen.

In 1974, Murthy, the first woman engineer to work for Tata, wrote to the company’s chairman, complaining that her company was not hiring women. She gave up her scholarship to study in the US, thus becoming a “hero” for Indian women in engineering. After meeting her husband, she helped him establish Infosys Consulting and Information Technology in 1981. The company is worth around £50 billion, while daughter Akshata owns several hundred million pounds worth of shares in the company.

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Sudha is the driving force behind her husband’s empire. Once during an interview with her, “We always care about family matters, children and grandchildren, we take our work seriously, we respect each other.”

Despite the great wealth the family commands, Sudha lives with her husband in a modest house on the outskirts of Bangalore and avoids big parties. She is a vegetarian and wears an Indian sari, and is “deeply religious”.

In 2018, Sudha revealed that there is no TV in the family and they spend evenings with the entire family, doing worthwhile things. She said she had no shopping policy and hadn’t bought a new saree in 20 years. As for her daughter Akshata, she is known to love expensive clothes from international brands.