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Supermarket between stores.  Lidl Na Příkopě opened, the entrance to the vault is also part of it

Supermarket between stores. Lidl Na Příkopě opened, the entrance to the vault is also part of it

On Monday, retail chain Lidl opened a new store in central Prague, on Na Příkopě Street, in a historic building where the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank used to operate. So the shop needs the original safe or its door from the time the building was owned by the bank. It is also the second branch where Lidl has decided to install self-service cash registers.

Lidl spokesperson Tomáš Myler said: “Due to the atypical space, we had to use crane technology when modifying the store, many of the shelves were custom built and larger equipment had to be placed in the store before the escalator was installed.” Historic area.

Na Příkopě Street in Prague is one of the most expensive streets in the world. For example, according to a study by consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield from 2019, it ranked 18th most expensive street out of a total of 68 places. The highest annual rent in Na Příkopě was 2,820 euros (about 72,190 kroner) per square metre.

The new store in the center is aimed more at small purchases by neighborhood residents, employees or tourists. According to the chain, the store is also unusual with wide alleys, and also offers ample storage space for cash registers. Customers have free Wi-Fi and a coffee maker.

Lidl is one of the last chains in the Czech Republic that decided to introduce the concept of self-service cash registers. The pilot project was launched only in February at a store in Prague 4, where it began testing a total of six cash registers. Eight of them are available in the Na Příkopě store.

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The Lidl chain continues to be the strongest chain in the Czech Republic, and currently operates a total of 294 stores. These are not just separate standard stores, but also multi-storey city stores or “custom” stores that adapt to the selected spaces.

The competition also comes with new concepts. Lately, it has also focused more on convenience stores. Albert, Globus, Penny, and Macro, for example, have experimented with this concept in the past.

This year, the Coop chain launched the first fully self-service store in the Czech Republic. Customers can shop there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To enter outside working hours, in the event that there are no employees already in the store, they need a special application with a link to the identity of the bank.