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Supplying missiles to Ukraine threatens civilian air traffic globally

Russian delegate to the Security Council: Kiev’s western weapons appeared in the hands of criminals and terrorists in Africa and Europe!

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The Russian Foreign Ministry warned today, Wednesday, that the supply of air defense missiles to Ukraine threatens civilian air traffic globally.

Sputnik quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying, “Western weapons that reach Ukraine are spread all over the world, in areas of other regional conflicts, and are transferred to The hands of criminals, terrorists and extremists“.

“The importance of raising the issue of the safety of civil air traffic in the world, including over Europe, will soon appear,” the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Nebenzia said, during a session of the UN Security Council, on Monday evening, that “Russia has long been drawing attention to the fact that supplying weapons to the Kiev regime will lead to its falling into the hands of criminal organizations and terrorists. Now this is confirmed by facts.”

He added that the appearance of these weapons in European countries “is recognized by European police officials,” according to what was reported by Russian media.

He said, “Those weapons that Western countries supply to Ukraine are spread around the world and are now in the hands of militants, especially in Africa, and this is something everyone has heard about in the statements of leaders of African countries.”

It is noteworthy that NATO countries have supplied military aid to Ukraine worth more than 65 billion euros, as confirmed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on April 3. The volume of US military aid to Ukraine has amounted to more than $35 billion.

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