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Superliga ONLINE: Litujeme, vzkázala banka, která slibovala miliardy

Support for Jeřábková Handball Players: The action is successful, but we want a result in the World Championships

Fifteen-minute shot by Markéta Jeřábková (25) and a Czech handball player could celebrate advancing to this year’s World Championships at the hotel. A sharp call from German Thuringian in retaliation for the qualifiers with Switzerland showed the reason for his appointment for the next two years by Norwegian club Kristiansand Fibers. “When we have been advancing for ten years, we have to be satisfied with some results directly in the tournament.”

When she lost Iveta Korešová (on maternity leave at the time), she stands in her attack. After the first qualifying duel with Switzerland, Markéta Jeřábková was not satisfied with her contribution, two goals were not enough to set her. In response, however, she significantly corrected it, drawing Czechs among the world’s elite. In December, the second gunner Corisova is supposed to be there, too, in Spain. “I promised to take part in the tournament,” said Djikapova.

After a home draw, did you feel worried that it wouldn’t work as you traveled through Switzerland?
“We simply knew that at the time. But as a team, we did not admit that we would not advance to the championship. I think we have the confidence to stay.”

Then the coach mentioned that when it flows into your shoes, you play better. it is?
“We have rarely been favorites in recent years. It is more a responsibility than playing with a clear head against a stronger opponent on cards. The Swiss played a great result in our country. In addition, some fans can take revenge. They are in a position to advance. They felt an opportunity not yet.” They have to deal with it completely. “

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Was there room to celebrate?
“We stayed at the hotel. The ceremony took place, but we missed the head lady, Mika. As for entertainment and the team. (Smile) Unfortunately, she was unable to travel to Switzerland due to her injuries. “

You scored more than half of the team’s goals. Did you say that you will take it?
“We simply knew it at that time. But it all started with the goalkeeper, Hanka Moykova was one thing for us in that match. It doesn’t matter who scores in attack. It’s thanks to the whole team. I definitely wasn’t so enthusiastic about myself in Saturday’s game. I was.” I know next time we all have to play it a little differently. It worked. As the minutes went by, we felt a little confident. We knew we couldn’t miss it. “

This is the seventh to advance the Czech Republic to the top in the past ten years. That’s a big problem, isn’t it?
“Given the position of handball in our republic, we already consider advancing to the championship a success. But when ten years have passed, we must be satisfied with the result directly in the tournament.” (a smile)

Do you see an opportunity in December of this year, especially when Iveta Koreshova returns to the squad?
“If he comes back, he can only help our team. Certainly no harm. (Smile) We all wish her back. Yvette supported us so much. She wrote that she trusted us. I promised to participate in the tournament.”

When both of you are on the court, is it comfortable for you or is it a competition? You both are VIPs, shooters …
“There is no risk of competing in our rep. It’s not about it. (Smile) We play for each other, we support each other. Which one is there.”

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How do they say in Turinger, Germany that you are going to Norway to see your compatriot Jana Knidlikova?
“I will not see the team that bad. Next season, the staff will be wider, two clutches of the right will come. The left hand that was not on the right. In sport, things are going so well that one leaves and the other comes. I want to finish the season with the best A picture and to help the club advance to the European Cups. Of course, I am looking forward to Norway, but it will not be updated until July. “

Kristiansand has high ambitions, right?
“This year he advanced to the fourth final of the Champions League, which is to be held at the end of May. Certainly nobody wants to finish fourth in it. I know the club has the highest goals.”

A huge handball player from Congo enjoying the world.  September at the World Championships, in