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Supporters of Palestine and Israel protested in front of the Israeli embassy in Prague

Supporters of Palestine and Israel protested in front of the Israeli embassy in Prague

The protest march was organized by the Friends of Palestine Association and the International Solidarity Movement. The organizers of the event said in the invitation that the protest is related to the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem, the Israeli army’s assault on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Israeli bombing of civilian targets in the siege of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian protesters – most of them young men – brought a large sign that read in English, “Stop killing in Palestine, end the occupation” in the grassy area opposite the embassy, ​​in addition to Palestinian flags, flags, candles or photographs. The matter was first revealed to the passing drivers, then they turned to him later. To a group of people holding Israeli flags.

The demonstration was initially peaceful and accompanied by music. Following the words of the organizers of the event, to which the supporters of Israel initially responded with singing, the atmosphere increased. One speaker said: “We have gathered to condemn the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.” This was followed by the chant of the slogan “Free Palestine” or “Free Jerusalem”. Members of the Israeli group responded to some of the statements with shouting and laughter. Members of both camps were not deterred from staying, even by the heavy rains.

Israel is leading a military operation called Wall Defenders against the radical Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip on the fifth day. Tonight, Israeli aircraft and ground forces launched the strongest attacks to date. However, Israel did not launch a ground invasion of the Palestinian enclave. Also last night, rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, and clashes between Arabs and Jews continued in Israeli cities, and they are now the most intense since 2014.

The fighting erupted after several days of clashes between the Israeli police and the Palestinians in Jerusalem. Tensions escalated during the month of Ramadan as Israel prevented Palestinians from gathering in places where Arabs usually congregate to perform evening prayers, which many Palestinians consider offensive. The long-awaited Palestinian parliamentary elections were scheduled to take place this month, but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas postponed them because it was not certain whether Israel would allow voting in East Jerusalem.