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Surprise elections in Saxony Anhalt.  Instead of AfD, it was featured by CDU

Surprise elections in Saxony Anhalt. Instead of AfD, it was featured by CDU

The conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won Sunday’s regional elections in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, with 36.8 percent of voters voting after most constituencies. The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) came in second by a wide margin, with 21.5% of the vote. The post-communist left, Social Democrats (SPD), liberals (FDP) and the Greens have also entered the Landtag. According to provisional results, the participation rate so far is 57.4%, and in 2016 it was 61.1%.

The CDU improved by seven percentage points from the election five years ago. This result is a springboard for the all-German coalition of the CDU and the Bavarian Sisters of the Christian Social Union (CSU) ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Germany in September. On the contrary, the result of the Greens, who could win in September, according to polls, remained unconvincing at 5.9 percent. In 2016, the Green Party received 5.2 percent of the vote.

In Saxony-Anhalt, the expected battle for first place between the CDU and the AfD did not happen on Sunday. The party, described as populist to the far right, defended second place with 21.4 percent of the vote, but lost 2.9 percentage points compared to 2016.

The Social Democratic Party also came in worse, receiving 8.3 percent of the vote, 2.4 percentage points less than it did five years ago. Levis posted an even larger drop of 5.4 percentage points, and had the support of 11 percent of voters on Sunday.

Sunday’s result means the current conservative prime minister, Rainer Haselov, can count on a third term. The CDU Hasseloff now governs in Saxony-Anhalt with the SPD and the Greens. According to the ARD’s calculation, the CDU and SPD coalition could also get enough votes. Thanks to the return of the liberals, Haselov was offered other coalition options. Conservatives have ruled out a relationship with the AfD beforehand.