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Surprise for Pique on his birthday!

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For two weeks now, the names of Shakira, Gerard Pique and Clara Xia have been on everyone’s lips, after Shakira attacked the father of her two children, and his new girlfriend, in her new song in which she collaborated with Bizarrap. While the song became an instant hit, it has been reported that the Colombian singer is preparing a new single and has chosen a very special date for its release.

When will Shakira release the new song?

A few days before Shakira turns 46, and before the father of her two children turns 36, it was revealed that the Colombian singer has the “perfect gift” to continue tormenting her ex.

Univision, citing the El Diario de Cataluyna and Mamarazzis podcast, reported that Shakira, who will celebrate her birthday on the same day as her ex-partner on February 2, has already planned further revenge. Shakira will be releasing her new single with Colombian singer Karol G. As reported on the Mamarazzis podcast by Lora Fa and Lorena Vazquez, Karol G and Shakira worked hard on the song, recording the video in just two days, with sessions lasting over 15 hours a day. .

Carol G supports Shakira

The famous Colombian singer was supported by Karol G after the release of Music Session Vol.53. Carol G attended an NBA game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers wearing a T-shirt with a phrase written on it that was part of the lyrics to Shakira’s new song. Therefore, rumors suggest that Shakira’s new song may also contain references to Pique in a more subtle and less direct way.

According to El Diario de Cataluyna, the lyrics will be about a strong woman, with the inclusion of heartbreak, reflecting what Shakira went through with Pique’s infidelity with new girlfriend Clara Xia.

Shakira provokes Pique with the words of her previous song

International superstar Shakira released her new song, which clearly appeared to be a message to her ex-lover Gerard Pique, as she attacked him and his new girlfriend Clara Chia with provocative words.

The song shared by Argentinian Bizarrap includes the following lyrics: “I changed a Ferrari for a Twingo, I changed a Rolex for a Casio watch.” Referring to Clara Xia’s young age, who is 23, Shakira said in the song, “I’m two of 22.”

Shakira’s media account on the social networking site Twitter had published a phrase from the song as a kind of promotion for it before its release, stating: “A wolf like me is not for men like you!”, as many considered that this song, like her previous song, is a message to the father of her two children, Gerard Pique. .

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