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حسام حبيب والملحن عمرو الشاذلي

Surprise.. Hossam Habib collaborates with the same composer and distributor of Sherine’s song “Khasmat Al-Nom” | news

Singer Hossam Habib is preparing to release a new song that he is currently preparing in a studio.

Surprisingly, Hossam Habib is collaborating on the song, whose name has not been revealed so far, with the same composer and distributor of the latest songs of his ex-wife Sherine Abdel Wahab, “Hasmat Al-Nom”, which she presented during the past few days, the composer Amr Al-Shazly and the distributor Amr Al-Khodari.

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The composer Amr Al-Shazly published a picture collected by Hossam Habib through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook, and commented: “In the name of God.. close to my songs with the artist Hossam Habib.. Ahmed Ibrahim’s words.. composed by Amr Al-Shazly.. Distribution by Amr Al-Khodari.. your invitations. “.

This is the first appearance of Hossam Habib since the crisis of his separation from his wife, Sherine Abdel Wahab. The young composer Amr El-Shazly revealed his cooperation with singer Hossam Habib in a new song.

The song “Hasmat Al-Nom” has so far reached 4 million views, after it was released on the official Rotana channel on the popular YouTube video site.

And the lyrics of the song say: After you, you did not have a day.. and you forgot and quarrelled with sleep.. I am still in my place and I do not move by thinking of you.. I will lie if I say fine.. frankly, I am very sad.. you say that you forget me, normal and humiliated you.. it satisfies you, I mean, I live, there is nothing or anything Something useful for me to forget you..from us, my soul is with do I forget you.

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Recently, Sherine Abdel Wahab issued an official statement confirming her separation from artist Hossam Habib, keeping the reasons for herself.

The statement issued by Sherine on her Facebook page stated: “The star Sherine Abdel Wahab resolves the controversy over her separation from Hossam Habib… and confirms the official divorce, For more details from here: Statement – Sherine Abdel Wahab confirms her divorce from Hossam Habib officially

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