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Surprisingly, a third of Britons welcome living with more than one wife

Surprisingly, a third of Britons welcome living with more than one wife

A minority of Britons, but a very large one, accept having more than one wife or partner, provided it is legal and consensual, according to a survey by researchers at Swansea University in Wales who asked 1,000 people in the United Kingdom. Their stance on sharing their partner with another person.

The research was based on the results of the first part of the study, in which 393 men and women were asked about their polygamous relationships, learned from a British newspaper’s coverage. The Times, today Monday, revealed that men are interested in polygamous marriages.

To check if the results were coincidental, the researchers conducted another study on 735 older men and women from the first category, that is, the average age of one of them was 33 compared to the average of 25 years in the first category, and 39 % of men said they were ready for polygamy, as only 5% of women accepted. Thus, the researchers wrote, interest in polygamy “appears to exist despite cultural forces that inhibit it, suggesting that such interests may be part of the evolving psychology of mating rather than a product of culture,” according to their analysis.

Dr. Andrew Thomas, lead author of the study

They found that men are more interested in polygamy, while women are affected by sharing their partner’s resources with other wives.

The authors of the study did not ignore an important point

The finding surprised the study’s lead author, Dr Andrew Thomas, who said in the paper: “The gender differences were of great interest to me. However, there is a big difference between openness, curiosity and actually pursuing those interests.”

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The authors of the research study did not ignore an important point, which they found could subconsciously affect the perception of men and women about polygamy, which is the punishment of 7 years for marrying one man to two women or one woman to two men. In prison in the United Kingdom.