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Suu Kyi is convicted of murdering an African-American Floyd

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Floyd’s killer is guilty

In the United States, a case is coming to an end against former police officer Derek Chou, who is accused of deliberately killing African-American George Floyd. An arbitrator in Minneapolis, USA, found Suu Kyi guilty of all three charges tonight. The size of the sentence has not yet been decided. However, in the extreme case, the exopolist faces up to forty years behind bars. U.S. President Joe Biden welcomed the arbitral award, saying it was “a big step.” Last year, George Floyd’s death in a police operation sparked global protests against racism and police violence. The affair also had a major impact on business. Many communities have begun to distance themselves openly from expressions of racial hatred.

Britain provided relief to exporters

British Government Canceled duty on exporters to the EU from Tuesday Obtain all necessary permits to cross the state border before entering Kent in the southeast of England. This rule was introduced by Great Britain after Brexit to avoid fringes and confusion in the English Channel. Truck drivers who entered Kent without documents were fined $ 300, about 9,000 crowns. According to British politicians, trade with the EU has returned to normal since February and no further drastic action is required. British exports to Europe rose 47 percent earlier this year. However, this is 12.5 percent less than it was a year ago, when the island kingdom still had access to the European single market.

Growth in the number of Netflix users has slowed, and stocks are performing hard

From markets and stock markets

The stock ended in red

Stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic failed on Tuesday. They were mainly dragged by companies tied to tourism. The Dow Jones industrial average was 0.75 percent. The broader S&P 500 weakened 0.68 percent and the Nasdaq hybrid weakened 0.92 percent. Key indicators in Western Europe are still falling. The British FTSE 100 fell two percent. The German DAX lost 1.55 percent. The French CAC 40 fell 2.09 percent and the Pan-European STOXX Europe 600 lost 1.9 percent, the highest this year. Oil fell one and a half percent. In contrast, gold, silver and much-viewed cryptocurrencies were strengthened.

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American aviation is awake

The server says U.S. airlines will begin hiring pilots again this year CNBC. Airlines expect the rapid corona virus vaccine in the United States to return to normal air traffic by the summer of 2021. When American Airlines finally decided to take this step, it told the media yesterday that it would accept three hundred new pilots in the fall. This may be twice as much as next year. U.S. companies United Airlines, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines have previously announced similar intentions. The United States currently has 26 percent of its population fully vaccinated.

Tweet of the day

Take a look at the most beautiful electric cars on the scene going on Shanghai Motor Show. Today, just two days after the press release, the event opens to the public and runs until April 28th.

It will happen today

  • The leaders of the political groups in the European Parliament will issue a statement: Will support Czechoslovakia in its diplomatic confrontation with Russia Call on the states of the European Union to take concerted action.
  • The European Commission will present a plan Control of artificial intelligence.
  • It will take place in Moscow in the evening Demonstration in support of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. According to some, these may have been the largest street protests in Russia since the fall of the communist regime.