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Sweden ignites .. unrest following "plans to burn the Qur'an"

Sweden ignites .. unrest following “plans to burn the Qur’an”

And the British “Sky News” network reported, on Monday, that disturbances erupted throughout the city Sweden In recent days, after the far-right politician announced, Rasmus Baludanhis intention to burn copies of The Quran During a tour of several towns and cities in the country.

On Sunday evening, about 150 people threw stones at police and burned a number of cars in the city of Norrköping, eastern Sweden.

Swedish media reported that Baludan and his party, “Straamcourse”, had expressed their intention to organize a demonstration in the area, but they did not appear.

Police responded to the protests in Norrköping by firing warning shots, but 3 people were injured by shrapnel and taken to hospital.

Police said they “later arrested them on suspicion of committing crimes.”

Protests and Clashes

Unrest was reported in the neighboring city of Linkoping, where Paludan had planned to hold a demonstration but called off.

The Swedish politician said on his Facebook account that he made the decision because the Swedish authorities were “totally unable” to protect him or his supporters.

The Swedish capital, Stockholm, and a number of other Swedish cities witnessed violent clashes during the past three days, against the background of the same issue.

Dozens of police officers were injured and 4 emergency vehicles were set on fire in the central city of Orebro, after riots broke out on Friday, due to Baludan’s plan to burn a Quran there.

In the southern Swedish region of Landskrona, demonstrators set cars and tires on fire, while others placed obstacles in the middle of a street to block traffic.

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Similar demonstrations took place in Malmö, the country’s third largest city, where a bus and other property were set ablaze.

About 20 complaints of vandalism were filed in the city, according to Agence France-Presse.

On Saturday, the Palaudan rally was moved from the district of Landskrona to a parking garage in Malmö, in order to avoid any excesses.

Iraq issues a statement

Following these events, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement that it had summoned “the Chargé d’Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden in Baghdad, Hakan Roth, and informed him of the Iraqi government’s protest (…)”.

The statement pointed out that “this matter has serious repercussions on the relations between Sweden and Muslims in general, whether in Islamic and Arab countries or in Muslim societies in Europe.”

Baludan founded a party in 2017, and is known to have an anti-immigration and anti-Muslim agenda.