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Sweden in response to Ankara: the extradition of the wanted persons is issued by an independent judiciary

Sweden in response to Ankara: the extradition of the wanted persons is issued by an independent judiciary

“In Sweden, Swedish law is applied by independent courts,” the minister said in a statement, a copy of which was received by AFP.“.

“Non-Swedish people can be extradited to other countries at their request, but only when this is in accordance with the law,” he added. Swedish law and the European Convention on Migrations‘, recalling that no Swedish citizen could be extradited.

According to Stockholm, the agreement that was signed on Tuesday evening to raise Turkey’s objection to Sweden and Finland joining the EU NATO It “clearly states that we will respect the European Convention” with regard to deportations.

But less than 48 hours have passed since the agreement concluded by the three countries on the sidelines NATO summitTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened again Thursday to block the entry of Sweden and Finland to the alliance.

During a press conference, Erdogan referred to “a pledge made by Sweden” regarding the extradition of “73 terrorists”.“.

The Turkish president stressed that the Swedish authorities “will hand them over, I have pledged to do so. This is contained in the written documents,” stressing that the Swedish authorities “will fulfill their obligation.”“.

However, the Swedish Minister of Justice, without referring to Erdogan’s statement directly, reiterated Thursday evening that the final word regarding deportations belongs to the Supreme Court, “which has the right to object to deportations,” not the government..

The agreement, which was signed on Tuesday evening, and whose expressions are subject to many interpretations, was welcomed by Sweden because it opens the way for Stockholm’s accession to NATO.

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However, the agreement, on the other hand, raises great concerns, especially among the Kurds, about the reality of the concessions made by Stockholm..

On Thursday, Erdogan did not reveal any details about the 73 targets, but Ankara has been demanding for years the extradition Kurdish activists Or those close to the movement of the preacher Fethullah Gulen residing in Sweden.

In the face of the prevailing concerns, the Swedish Prime Minister reiterated that her country “continues to respect Swedish law and international law” in relation to deportations.