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Symptoms of monkey fever from humans to animals

Scientists have discovered a dog infected with monkeypox in France after the dog’s owners showed symptoms, the first indication that the virus can be transmitted from humans to pets.

According to a report in the medical journal “The Lancet”, a dog infected with monkeypox was sleeping with its owners, two men living in the same house.

Twelve days later, symptoms of monkey fever on the legs, sores, rash, headache and fever, sores appeared on the dog’s body, and the animal soon became infected with the virus, the newspaper said.Wall Street Journal“.

“This is the first confirmed case of infection in a dog with monkeypox virus that may have occurred through human transmission,” the report said.

The two men also prevented their dog from interacting with other pets or humans, the report added.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that monkeypox virus can be transmitted between animals and humans, and only between animals. People and animals infected or exposed to the virus should avoid close contact with others.

U.S. health officials declared monkeypox a public health emergency after the World Health Organization declared it a global health emergency in late July.


Not all animals infected with monkeypox show signs of a rash, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which notes that it is still researching information on animal species that can harbor the virus.

More than 12,600 cases of monkeypox have been reported in the U.S. as of Aug. 16, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and the virus has spread to most states.

The outbreak was first detected in the UK and now has more than 38,000 cases worldwide and 12 deaths.

The virus spreads through close contact between people. It is spread by touching skin, towels, clothing or bedding.

Cases of virus transmission to animals from other animals have been recorded. In 2003, wild dogs contracted the virus after sharing cages with small West African mammals that were already infected with the virus.

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