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Syria accuses the United States of aiding terrorists in this way

Rome, March 3 – Syria accuses the United States. The Russian and Syrian group for the return of refugees yesterday condemned the United States for kidnapping the gods Lots of humanitarian help Of United Nations. Its purpose is to support Iraqi militants linked to Washington. Items will be shipped to the initial refugee camp Al-Rukban, Near a U.S. base in al-Danfil, a real terrorist recruitment center, the group said.

At the same time 45 U.S. military trucks They would have transported tons of wheat and barley to Iraq via the al-Walid crossing in the northeast of the country. The move, according to Moscow and Damascus in collaboration with Kurdish militants, would have been aimed at supporting armed militants in Iraq. According to sources, the real terrorist acronyms.

The situation of al-Rukban

Al-Rukban A refugee camp south of the Syrian border, in the middle of the desert, near the Jordanian border. Over there Russia And thisUNHCR For many years they were considered one of the most important places in terms of the living conditions of the residents. The camp was really crowded There is a shortage of health, medicines and basic necessities.

The Russo-Syrian reference points the finger at the US government for not only preventing humanitarian aid from coming in, but also mobilizing people in al-Rukban and then preventing them from leaving. Therefore, as living conditions are deteriorating, the UN Help will come more, It will be hijacked And was diverted to armed groups between Syria and Iraq.

In addition, campers are offered two alternatives: staying in a camp to enjoy the heat and hunger, or joining one of the aforementioned armed groups, thanks to the US site Al-Danf They have the freedom to operate between Syria and Iraq. Many who are pessimistic will choose this path We need to serve in the militants rather than suffer in the refugee camp.

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American target

Therefore, the US military would be guilty of indiscriminately and automatically worsening the living conditions of Syrians, according to the Russian-Syrian group, a horrific repression. The latter will actually be locked up in a real detention camp in the south, and in the north they will be subjected to abuse themselves, with consent. Kurdish militants In fact, what about Damascus, Directly involved in crimes.

If you look at the situation in neighboring Iraq, the US intent is simple – confiscated assets would have been taken away. Baghdad is actually a scene of growing tensions involving pro-US and pro-Iranian factions. According to the team, Washington will have every interest in renewing its combatants in view of future conflicts with Tehran., Even though it directly supports shorthand with a clear extremist nature.

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