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Syrian boxer “Omar al-Haj” crowned a European championship and raised the flag of the revolution upon his victory (video)

The Syrian boxer “Ammar Al-Hajj” won a deserved victory over the Azerbaijani player in the KING OF KINGS tournament held in Turkey.

Where the Syrian boxer was crowned Tuesday, June 29, and won the European Championship in the sport of “cock-fight”.

Al-Hajj managed to win the match after playing three rounds against his Azerbaijani opponent.

Where “Ammar Al-Hajj” represents Turkey in the framework of the tournament held in the Turkish city of “Konya”.

Ammar, 21, participated in the tournament with a weight of 85 kg, and had 14 previous matches, as he is one of the youngest participants.

Activists circulated a video of the Syrian boxer during his coronation in the tournament.

As usual, after every victory he achieves, Ammar raised the flag of the Syrian revolution and saluted the masses, chanting (God is great).

Ammar officially represents Turkey for the state of Düzce, so he raises the Turkish flag and the flag of the revolution

Beating his Iranian opponent in a record time

And “Ammar Al-Hajj” had previously defeated his Iranian competitor, “Mahmoud”, in one of the fastest kickboxing rounds in time, last February.

As he hit him and knocked him to the ground at the fifteenth of the first round of the match that was held in Turkey.

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After the Iranian was unable to stand after receiving the blows, the referee announced the end of the fight. Ammar Al-Hajj won.

Despite the large weight difference between the Syrian player “86 kg” and the Iranian player “134 kg”.

However, the Syrian hero did not beat the man until he died with a decisive punch on the jaw area.

Then followed by a foot kick in the face that made the Iranian fall to the ground, according to a report published by Al

After the match, Ammar’s father quoted him as saying that he “played the match and in front of his eyes his house was demolished in Syria.”

Ahmed, “Ammar’s father,” added that he was hitting a person, as he was the one who demolished his house in Aleppo, northern Syria, Ammar’s hometown.

Ammar hails from the village of “Tal Shair” in the northern countryside of Aleppo and was displaced from his village in 2012 after the attacks of Assad’s forces.

When he was 12 years old, he fled to Turkey with his parents, to join a fitness club after his weight reached 105 kilograms.

Al-Hajj won more than one championship, despite his difficult living conditions, which forced him to search for a supporter.