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Tablet tucked in your pocket?  Samsung has flaunted a dual curvature display -

Tablet tucked in your pocket? Samsung has flaunted a dual curvature display –

Samsung actually participated in Display Week 2021 and showed the latest developments in OLED panels. Most interesting is the display that is made up of more than twice. Two hinges are included: the first folds the screen in and the left folds out.

So if you fold the screen like a folder, you get a standard smartphone screen. When placed in one level, you get the dimensions of a 7.2-inch tablet. Samsung also boasted a prototype with a retractable screen. When extended, the primary contents of the screen remained the same, with shortcuts to frequently launched apps on the new portion of the screen.

The manufacturer also showed off the idea of ​​the 17-inch foldable tablet. In the open state, the screen has a 4: 3 aspect ratio, but the imagination has no limits. Half of the screen can remain as a screen, the other can be displayed on the QWERTY touch keyboard.

And if Samsung uses the same “laptop” hinge, you can funly turn a foldable tablet into a laptop. For the first time, Samsung integrates a sub-screen selfie into its laptop screen. But soon it will She had a selfie offered to get it Even in a prepared jigsaw puzzle Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Source: Samsung screen

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