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Tactical bugs, sokyn like ze, muscle aches. End. Avoid permanent Muchov

After Carolyn Belkoff, I also found out in Pai how hard he is now competing with the 2017 US Open and the 2018 Roland Garros runner-up.

Tactically, I didn’t do better, Machov said during a video conference with Czech reports. I wasn’t impatient, I made a bunch of mistakes. The performance was not according to my thoughts.


Mucha belt survived from the quarter-finals

What is the most embarrassing game in Stevens?
She was like, she was giving me back almost everything. You played loud and couldn’t find a rhythm for when to go to me and when to cut a little. But the result was less than tsn. I can return Urit to this group.

You cheat more slowly. We got it wrong. How did they reduce lag problems with the basketball muscle, something that has been possible since the Australian Open?
I tripped on my feet when we were. He couldn’t blame this kick. (laughs) But he will go into service under him one hundred percent, which will distinguish myself. But at least I didn’t get over the pain. It’s great to start his tournament in Berlin in a week.


ek vs njak dal lba?
I need peace of mind. I will be traveling home as soon as possible, and my physiotherapists will help me. I’ll be fine in advance. It’s too dark to get to Berlin and Wimbledon. Last year the grass tournaments weren’t held, they missed it’s not just me.

In London, I entered the fourth quarter of last year. Are you preparing for a special move with Kotyza?
We didn’t talk about it. But I don’t think I’d look for a hit. Let’s make a fork on the concrete and then try to catch it quickly in Berlin. I haven’t played much this long, but my technique can apply to soup as he did two years ago at Wimbledon.

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Roland Garros


Isn’t it code that you just run two actions on the fastest surface?
I take it as it is. Roland Garros moved in a week later, thanks to our emu adorable girls. One course isn’t exactly the world’s preparations for Wimbledon, but none of it has happened.

Under Do you meet your steroids in Japan?
The program is not specified. After Wimbledon we have to move to Tokyo, then we wait for the championship in America. But with an Olympic presence. Their acting is great. If I get the nomination, I’ll go for it and travel to the games.