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Tailor: I can't imagine playing anywhere else

Tailor: I can’t imagine playing anywhere else

When the Boston Bruins referred to him in the second round of the 2004 draft, no one could have guessed what relationship was made. Fifteen years later, David Krejčí has ​​become one of the club’s legends. At the same time, the current question is: For how long?

“I’d like to give you an answer, but I’ll probably need a few weeks to think about a lot of things,” Craigie said in a post-season interview with reporters outside.

A stellar position contract is coming to an end, he is already 35 years old and clearly has a tough time attacking the new elimination in the second round of the playoffs, as the Bruins lost to the New York Islanders 2:4 in the games. Additionally, after the series, the question began again as to whether the Boston skeleton was outdated; Whether the team also needs smaller, more dynamic locomotives.

“I love Boston, it’s my home. I can’t imagine playing anywhere else,” he said. “But we’ll see what happens.”

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During the year affected by the coronavirus pandemic and related measures, he said, there was no time to discuss a possible new contract.

“We haven’t had any discussions,” Craigie said. “That’s because everyone was focused first on the season and on progressing to the playoffs, and then trying to get as far as possible in it. I also wanted to focus on just my game.”

In the main part, he collected a strong 8 + 36 balance in 51 matches and confirmed that he is practically irreplaceable behind captain Patrick Bergeron in the middle of the attack. He was very helpful with the Taylor Hall promotion, and he was the third to celebrate his pavilion Craig Smith. Even in the playoffs, he scored two goals and seven assists in 11 matches alongside them.

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Taylor admitted, “It’s been great with Halsey and Smith. And not just on the ice, they’re great guys.” “Smithy is the best guy and Taylor has surprised me a lot as a character. We’ve been spending a lot of time together under the Covid rules and have become good friends, which is something that gets carried away on ice. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything and you know exactly how the other feels. It was fun. Really, I loved him.”

The affection was mutual, especially that the former MVP Hall featured on Krejčí’s side. But the collapse in the playoffs also threw Hall’s future into uncertainty. If the administration decides not to keep one, it would be a drastic rebuilding of the Bruins’ offensive.

So far, Hall has come as only a short-term reinforcement, but Krejčí’s entry into Boston history is already gone. He reached the Stanley Cup with the team, in the starting segment in 15 seasons he completed 962 respectable games and 730 points (215 goals, 515 assists).

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Perhaps the only sure thing is that his new contract may not be as high as the one that just expired. After all, according to CapFri, Krejčí has ​​earned an average of $7.25 million annually over the past six seasons.

“It’s not going to be about the money, which is probably all I can tell you,” Craigie said plainly. “My next contract won’t cost money.” “And I must repeat myself, I don’t see myself in another shirt. But we’ll see what happens. I don’t know myself. Even though I’m talking to my parents and they ask me, I can’t give them a clear answer.” I really have no idea.”

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In the past, Al-Khayyat told reporters in Boston that he would like to end his career in his home country. Now that they’ve repeated the question, clarify the answer a bit.

“That hasn’t changed,” he said, “but now I’m a little different.” “When you asked me before, I was much younger, and now I am a husband and a father. The children do not speak Czech and my parents do not speak English again, so I would like (the children) to learn the language. But when will this happen if it ever happens? We will see.”

And when asked about the possible resemblance to the giant of overseas history, Jaromir Jaeger, who ended his career in his home in Kladno, he just shook his head.

“I don’t want to compare myself to him,” he said. “He has no children, he’s not married, and we have very little in common with this.” “Besides, I’m still here and don’t know for myself what my future will be like.”

Therefore, the tailor now wants to indulge in a short-term break from hockey. “Go on a nice vacation,” he said.