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Taiwan is monitoring 22 Chinese military aircraft and 3 naval vessels that violated its sovereignty.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense announced on Friday and Saturday that it was monitoring 22 Chinese military aircraft and three naval vessels that violated the country’s sovereignty.

In response, the ministry said – in a report by a local (Taiwan News) newspaper – that Taiwan had dispatched aircraft and naval vessels and used surface-to-surface missiles to track People’s Liberation Army aircraft and ships.

The ministry added that 16 planes of the People’s Liberation Army crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait and entered the air defense identification zone in southwestern Taiwan.

This month – China sent 94 military aircraft and 23 naval vessels around Taiwan, the newspaper reported.

For his part, former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Europe should help prevent China from attacking Taiwan.

Rasmussen called on European leaders to publicly commit to cutting off China’s access to the global economy if China moves on Taiwan, according to Axios, pointing out that clarifying now the severe economic consequences of any attack would be a strong deterrent.

Rasmussen praised U.S. President Joe Biden’s repeated statements that the U.S. would help Taiwan in the event of an attack from China, pointing out that strategic ambiguity has been replaced with strategic clarity.

The alliance’s former secretary-general continued: “NATO does not play a direct role in the Indo-Pacific region. Meetings such as the Quartet are best suited to support peace and stability in that region.”

British official warns of imminent Chinese dominance in Taiwan: disastrous consequences

In earlier reports, Tobias Ellwood, a British MP and chairman of the House of Commons defense committee, warned that China would try to seize Taiwan by force within two years, while senior government officials warned of “catastrophic” effects on the UK economy. happened

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British newspaper “Express” quoted the British MP as saying – in a tweet on Twitter – “A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would lead to global insecurity and dire consequences for the United Kingdom.”

“A year ago I predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine with disastrous consequences for the UK and the West. On the current trajectory, I predicted that China would try to take over Taiwan by force in the next two years. And unleash a new era of global insecurity,” Ellwood added.