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Take a closer look at the new Buds Pro 2 before you buy it

Buds Pro 2

Sunday, April 9, 2023 / 10:24 a.m

One Plus recently launched the new Buds Pro 2 wireless earphone. Here is a quick look at the headset, which has an attractive design.

Supply size: The earplugs magnetically snap into the charging case, which has a stylish design and rounded corners, to be carried in the small pockets of jeans, and the new OnePlus wireless headset comes with a short USB-C cable, and most Android phone owners probably use their smartphone chargers Or wireless charging pad with charging case.

Startup: Starting up the new wireless headset is very easy thanks to the Google Fast Pair function, where all it takes is to keep pressing the button on the charging case, until a connection request appears on the Android phone, after which the status will be displayed Charge in a snap with every connection, whether it’s for the charging case or earplugs, and these notifications prevent the battery from draining without the user noticing.

The wireless headset has a dual connection function, as it can connect to a laptop and a smartphone. If the user is listening to music from the laptop and a phone call comes in, he can receive it without the need to disconnect the laptop and pair the speaker with the smartphone.

Operating period:

One Plus is promoting the new Buds Pro 2 wireless headset with a battery life of up to 39 hours, including recharging via the built-in battery in the charging case, but once the active noise cancellation function is turned on, the battery life is reduced to 30 hours.

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Convenience of use:

The new Buds Pro 2 wireless headphones don’t sit securely in the ear, but they are comfortable. The Chinese company has attached the S, M, and L earpieces with the wireless headset, and once you choose the appropriate piece, the headset can be worn comfortably for several hours.

And since the earplugs do not sit tightly in the ear, they allow some ambient noise to pass through, such as the Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless headset or the Apple Airpods Pro, and athletes are forced to constantly re-install earplugs in the ear for fear of losing them during exercise.


The new Buds Pro 2 wireless headset from OnePlus has long stems like the Apple AirPods, and the user cannot click on these stems to control playback, but they must be pressed, and similar to the Apple Airpods, pressing once means playing music or pausing When pressed twice, it will advance or rewind by one song.

When pressed for a relatively long time, the noise canceling function is disabled and the transition to transparency mode, which allows more noise from the surrounding environment to pass through.

The benefit of this mode appears when you want to conduct simple conversations without having to take off the headphone from the ear, and the user cannot adjust the volume directly from the speaker, as the “press on the legs” function works slower than clicking on the tactile surfaces in Sony wireless headphones Or Bose or Sennheiser or push buttons on Jabra headphones.

The wireless headset turns off automatically when the earplugs are removed, but the disadvantage of this function is that the music does not play again when the earplugs are put back in again, as the user has to restart the music manually.

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the sound:

Similar to other wireless headphones, the user can change the sound characteristics via the equalizer in the respective application as per individual requirements.

And if the user does not make such settings, the default mode is characterized by a deep bass sound, with a clear separation between the sounds of musical instruments and individual sounds, especially with electronic songs, but music lovers will notice some differences between the OnePlus headset compared to other luxury models.

The app for the wireless headphone offers two additional features, ‘Custom Noise Cancellation Mode’ and ‘Golden Sound’, in order to achieve a sound that matches the sense of hearing, but during testing these new functions did not show a significant difference in sound quality.

Athletes while cycling or jogging can hear low wind noise while exercising outdoors, especially with the active noise canceling function activated. The sources of noise become louder when the transparency mode is on, but they are still acceptable.


The Active Noise Cancellation function on the Buds Pro 2 wireless headphones reduces noise from traffic and other noises, but struggles with mid and high frequencies such as vocals.

With regard to the effective noise cancellation function, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 wireless headphone comes in a lower class than the Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless headphones, Apple Air Pods Pro and Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds II, and the user must look at this function in the new headphone from One. Plus as a “bonus” and not a basic function of the purchase.

And through compatibility with 3D sound technology (Spatial Audio), the new wireless headset is ready to work with the most widespread technological trends in the world of music, but playing songs with 3D sound technology requires subscribing to paid versions of music streaming services, which offer audio content 3D, and this function only works by pairing the new Buds Pro 2 wireless headset with the OnePlus 11 smartphone.

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The bottom line:

The new OnePlus Buds Pro 2 wireless headphone has an attractive design, and the effective noise cancellation function reduces annoying noise when traveling by bus, train, or in public places in general, and shows the importance of putting transparency when you want to conduct conversations or hear advertisements, and it is distinguished The charging case has a slim design that allows it to be easily carried on the go.

When using the new wireless headset at home or in the office, it can be paired with two devices in order to answer phone calls and listen to music without the need to separate the devices and re-pair them again. The new headset is available in black and green.