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Take a closer look at the new screen sizes and faces of the Apple Watch with these mockups

Take a closer look at the new screen sizes and faces of the Apple Watch with these mockups

earlier today Bloomberg It mentioned new details about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, including the size of the larger screens. Not much is known about the next generation of the Apple Watch other than the fact that it has apparently acquired a new, flat design reminiscent of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. Today we discovered exclusive new watch faces, noticeably larger screens, and more.

First, Bloomberg He says the Apple Watch Series 7 will come in two new sizes. This year’s watches are expected to be available in 41mm and 45mm sizes, each one millimeter longer compared to last year’s Sixth Series. Besides the flat bezels, I expect these watches to feel noticeably larger on the wrist.

Bigger screens

We now know that the Apple Watch Series 7’s 45mm display will be 396 x 484 pixels and 1.9 inches diagonally. We can assume that the bezels on the new watch will become thinner and thinner, due to the new screen size and flat edges. You probably won’t see the watch case on the front with the Series 7.

These same ideas also apply to the smaller 41mm Apple Watch. The screen and case will be larger in the new model. although Bloomberg The report does not include the exact resolution and screen size of the 41mm model.

With larger screens, new watch faces are also being introduced. As Apple did when it increased display sizes with Series 4, there will also be new exclusive faces for Series 7. The new faces include: Continuum, Atlas and Modular Max. The report also mentions updated Nike+ faces that change with movement and Hermès faces that change throughout the day.

look at the faces

The Modular Max is expected to include two large complication slots, one more than those currently available on the Infograph Modular face. This will allow users to see two rich and detailed complexities simultaneously. At the top there will be a location for a small complication next to the digital clock.

Max Modular Max watch face models

During WWDC times, the face was “Atlas” reveal Via a development session about working with UIKit. At the time, the face was called the “world timer” and it is also mentioned in the report. You can see what this new face will look like on the Series 7’s larger 45mm display below. Unfortunately, the resolution is not very high, but you can still see what the face will look like.

Atlas watch face leaked during WWDC

Other new faces mentioned in Bloomberg The report is quite abstract and hard to imagine without further details.

Watching tapes

The big question current Apple Watch users are asking is Whether the watch straps they already own will adapt to new designs. We don’t have information to share, but we expect existing straps to always adapt to new watches. The increase in case size is marginal, despite our expectation of it feel Larger.

Apple will likely continue to sell the Apple Watch SE that uses the 40mm and 44mm band sizes. It’s unlikely that Apple will split band compatibility at this point. Although I certainly imagine that will happen on a day when the clock will inevitably undergo a more radical change.

It happened to chatter That the availability of watch straps has decreased in Apple stores, leading employees to speculate that the straps will not be suitable for the new watches. Shortages of tapes tend to occur every year around this time. The colors Apple currently offers will be dated when the next list of bands is unveiled. It wouldn’t make sense for Apple to keep making them.


Apple Watch Series 7 is too Rumor has it that it comes in a new light green color The color that complements the new design. The Bloomberg The report also mentions better layering technology that brings the display closer to the watch’s glass or sapphire dial. newly Nikki He said production of the Apple Watch Series 7 has been delayed, possibly due to the low rate of return. It is unclear if the new watches will be unveiled this month alongside the iPhone 13 family or if they will be delayed. Even if the device is introduced this month, the supply will likely be low. You can read more about these new watches in Mark Gorman’s original report. Here.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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