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Take the unsupported vaccine! President Philip deepened his differences with him

Give everyone the cinnabar they use, according to Durtey’s words to the German ambassador, referring to another vaccine, which, unlike cinnabar, is a Philippine series approved for emergency use in the console.

The Philippines has a new strategy: exchange nurses for vaccines

Synoform did not accept the crop to be sent and could return thousands of donations made to the Philippines.

The president apologized to the nation for being the first to be controlled by this vaccine CNN This is a kind of example of the unraveling of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Prior to that, he had to apologize for a bad tweet addressed to him by Philippine Foreign Minister Theodoro Lox. Get out of here, he wrote when a German ship appeared in the disputed area of ​​the South Seas. You are like a sigh, which is imposed on a good mui, he only wants to be friends. He also said he did not want to be the father of nsk province.

German vaccines are used in many countries around the world, except the Philippines in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Hungary. So far, his products meet his function. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, residents were forced to drink a dozen shrines.

When the Philippine series responded to the adequate approval of synoform, they said it would take some time for evaluation because this article has not yet been approved by an international authority such as the World Health Organization (WHO). That could change for CNN.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday it was completing the process of approving the emergency use of both Synopharma and Sinovac. A label from this system can then be used to vaccinate other parts of the world.

Drink for your aunt two. The nsk vaccine in the United Arab Emirates is one of the few discoveries

Filipino U Beijing, pe portl Foreign policy. First, because of his aggressive approach, such as you entering the water demanded by the Philippine government, he encouraged Manila and took him back to Washington.

Excluding conflict with him for a long time, including an open anti-American president who has been wary of them recently. Nmon மோதல்கள் toti stle astj. For example, in April, Czech monuments sailed the Philippines with a newspaper, and three months later, Beijing approved the law, according to which I would be asked to go on a long voyage abroad.

Contrary to his persistent rhetoric, Dorthem now finds that his friend and Philippine reactor only need their long-time security ally, the United States, a portal that long-term political politics will not help him free his citizens from hostility. Soviet. Nlad.