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Talk about the "Chinese invasion" .. Taiwan responds forcefully and reveals its capabilities

Talk about the “Chinese invasion” .. Taiwan responds forcefully and reveals its capabilities

Tensions escalated between Taipei and Beijing In the past two years with the intensification China for its military activities near Taiwan To pressure it to accept Chinese rule, as Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan as a dependent territory.

periods Taiwan Ministry of Defense In a report to members of Parliament that China capacity It is limited in terms of transportation at the present time and will not be able to land all its forces at once and will have to rely on “unconventional” ships that directly board and unload vehicles and require the use of port facilities in addition to the use of transport aircraft that need airports.

The ministry said in its report: “The army defends strongly the ports and airports, and it will not be easy to occupy them in a short time. The landings will face very high risks.”

She added that Chinese logistics also faced challenges because it would be necessary to resupply any landing forces with weapons, food and medicine across the Taiwan Strait that separates the two countries.

“The national army has the advantage that the Taiwan Strait is a natural trench and can be used in joint intercept operations, which leads to cutting off the supplies of the communist army, which greatly reduces the efficiency and combat endurance of the landing forces,” she said.

The ministry said China would also need to keep some of its forces in reserve to prevent any foreign forces from joining in helping Taiwan and to monitor other areas of concern on China’s border, such as southern India.

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“The US and Japanese military bases are close to Taiwan, and any Chinese communist attack will necessarily be closely monitored, as well as needing backup forces to prevent foreign military intervention,” she added.

“It is difficult to focus all of its efforts on fighting with Taiwan.”

Experts say that although China has other means to subjugate Taiwan without resorting to a full-blown invasion, including blockade or missile attacks.