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Tamer and Sherine | Marilyn Salloum

The difference between one artist and another does not stop at the limits of the difference in talent, whether the artist is an actor, singer, or musician, nor does it stop at the limits of charisma, “acceptance”, attractiveness, and form. The difference is clearly evident in the artist’s intelligence, his ability to clearly chart his artistic path, walk directly towards achieving his goals, and not give in to the ecstasy of success from the first sweet taste of fame.
Many pass the paths of art, and many succeed in appearing, but only the smart people complete the path straight and upward, and we do not say the talented, because intelligence is necessary and very important in the good management of this artist’s talent, guidance and exploitation in order to reap a lot from it and give art a lot. Some may say: There is someone who manages the affairs of the artist and takes all the responsibilities on his behalf, so where is the intelligence in that? The answer is that managing the artist’s business does not mean that he cancels his mind, and blindly surrenders all his affairs to the one who undertakes this task, even if he is the closest to him. It is very important for the artist to have an opinion, and to be aware of the extent of his talent, the size of his responsibilities, and their role, especially that he will become, or become, a role model for some people, imitating him, and his actions and words by some young people.
This difference that we are talking about appears clearly between two artists who followed the path of art together, and found those who adopted them at the beginning of their journey. Rather, because “she” weakened and surrendered to people who played a negative role in her life, they stole the effort from her and put her on the wrong path, while “he” increased the balance of his talent and expanded the circle from singing to writing, composing, acting and directing, and invested what he earned from art in trade as well, and became He is loved by young people, but his audience is of different ages, his concerts are successful, and his films are successful.
They are Sherine Abdel Wahab and Tamer Hosni, we do not compare their talents, because Sherine has a voice that will always be distinguished, and Tamer has his own color that distinguishes him, but we are talking about the path of each of them, and they started in art together. What did Sherine gain, and where did Tamer become? Some say, she has no fault in everything that happens to her in her private life, and they are wrong, because every person is responsible for his choices, and the responsibility is multiplied when the personality is public, so we say that the good use of talent intelligently and wisely leads to continuous success, not temporary, success similar to attendance. Permanent work, continuity of work, gaining the public’s affection, and continuity of progress and development, and it is not similar to temporary attendance at a party or song at intervals.
Tamer Hosny is good at employing his talent and developing his tools, and he has created an identity, shape and color for himself, while Sherine is drowning in a sea of ​​personal problems that can negatively affect her production and art.
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