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#Tamer Hosni leads the trend after the news that he was in a coma because of the Moroccan Jalila

#Tamer Hosni leads the trend after the news that he was in a coma because of the Moroccan Jalila

The Egyptian star Tamer Hosni led the trend during the past hours, after news spread on the communication sites that he had a health crisis and entered a coma, following Jalila Al-Maghribiya’s statements about her relationship with him.
The crisis began after some accounts published several comments calling on Tamer’s fans to pray for his recovery. The cunning cinematographer, Shaima Al-Saifi, wrote in her account on “Facebook”: “I pray for the artist Tamer Hosni to recover, and God suffices me, and He is the best agent.” After that, she wrote: “Attack, assault and complete coma.”

In the meantime, sources close to Tamer denied this news, and in a special statement to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” newspaper, a source close to the artist denied the validity of what was reported about his health condition, indicating that Tamer is fine and does not suffer from any disease, and is currently on the filming site.

The source added: “There is a state of astonishment and strong disapproval of the ridiculous rumor that was issued a little while ago by Tamer Hosni. He is now in the location filming his new movie, which began filming 3 days ago, and he is not suffering from any fatigue at all.”

He continued, “We tried to communicate with the source of the rumor, and we sent asking the reason for publishing this saying that Tamer Hosni is in critical condition, but she did not answer us, and we have nothing but to say, God suffices us and He is the best agent.”

This comes after the resounding surprise of the Moroccan artist, Jalila, and her close friend, Hamoudi Hussein, who said in a live broadcast via “Instagram”, that Tamer’s relationship with his wife, the retired Moroccan artist, Basma Bousil, has been suspended for nearly a year and a half, and they live a separated life.

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Hussein said that his appearance in a live broadcast came to do justice to his girlfriend, Jalila, as a result of her exposure to injustice from the public, after she was accused of wanting to kidnap Tamer from his wife.

He also confirmed that Tamer repeatedly tried to return to Jalila because he still loves her, describing the relationship of the Egyptian artist and his wife Basma Bousil to the play in front of everyone after their separation, as he pointed out that Tamer and Basma are trying to show that their relationship is normal through their photos published on the communication sites, but they are separated and live. In two separate houses.

For her part, Jalila said that she agreed to return to Tamer because of her great love for him, after he went to her and contacted her asking her to return to him, denouncing the accusations leveled against her of trying to kidnap him from Basma Bousil.

The Moroccan artist did not hold back her tears when she asked the followers to have mercy on her, refusing to talk about the topic of her engagement to Tamer, and said that she would not speak until the second party spoke.

Jalila also commented: “He told me that he had been separated from the mother of his children for a year and a half… On this basis, I returned to Tamer Hosni, and I did not come to destroy anyone’s house… I am not a notorious person, nor a person from the street.”

In Tamer’s first practical response to the rumors of his separation from his wife, he published, through the feature of the stories attached to his account in “Instagram”, a short video clip that he collected in order to indirectly lie the rumors of separation.

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In the video, he appeared next to his wife holding a group of balloons in her hand, and commented: “With my beloved wife.”

And Basma Bousil re-published the video through her own account, to confirm that all the news published about their separation was incorrect.

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